100% fruit

Pomegranates with LOME become a liquid fruit, meeting different nutritional needs at any time of the day. Our juices are rich in beneficial substances for the body and preserve all the flavour of pomegranates grown in the sun of Puglia. There is much more: they are obtained from ecological, sustainable agriculture that respects planet resources so each sip is twice as good, for you and for the environment.

All-round wellness

In addition to the 100% pure pomegranate juice and 100% clementine juice, the range offers a series of "blends" in which our fruit is combined with other ingredients with beneficial properties: ginger, lemon, strawberry and raspberry. 

LOME juices are cold extracted and are available in the ambient version in glass bottles and in the refrigerated version with PET bottle.

Not from concentrate


The glass bottle contains pasteurized juice from top quality fresh fruit. Perfect single doses for a cascade of nutrients, it’s your favourite LOME juice always at hand with a shelf life of 18 months.

When in chilled bottles, juices are cold extracted and cold processed to preserve the nutraceutical and organoleptic properties of the fresh fruit. Top-notch technology (HPP – High Pressure Processing) at the service of nature and well-being.